Sara Gomes da Silva

I am a UK trained psychotherapist holding a private practice in central Lisbon. While living in the UK, I worked in both the private and the charity sectors. 

My orientation is relational and intuitive. I work with the understanding that every individual has the inner resources to heal and transform. My role is to help re-establish the connection with one’s own guidance system so that answers can be found within.

I pay close attention to the body because it is a tangible source of wisdom. The relationship with the body opens the way to a deeper connection with the present, the place from which it is possible to connect with more authentic dimensions of self.

Working with dreams is an important part of my practice. They are catalysts of transformation: listening closely to their messages and guidance can play a significant role. My approach is experiential, involving the body in the interpretation process. 

As an art therapist, I have experience facilitating the access to inner dimensions through artistic mediators such as drawing, painting, collage, music, creative writing and sand tray which can support the bridge between conscious and unconscious. 

Before training as a psychotherapist, I studied History of Art. My Master’s investigation was dedicated to forms of art considered “outsider”, contributing to deepen my interest in the psyche’s creative nature.

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Research MA in Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy: CCPE, London & Northampton University

Postgraduate Diploma in Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy: CCPE, London

Professional Training in Art Therapy: SPAT, Lisbon

MA in History of Art: University of Lisbon

BA in History of Art: New University of Lisbon