In all caos there is a cosmos,
in all disorder a secret order.

C.G. Jung

Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy

To become butterfly, the caterpillar goes into a cocoon where it disintegrates and re-integrates into its new being. The process of fragmentation and re-integration that takes place inside a cocoon can be seen as a metaphor of the psychological process that can happen in the alchemical vessel co-created by client and therapist. There, one has the opportunity to navigate their own chaos, start to disentangle its complexity and discover its inherent order.

Psychotherapy is the facilitation of a self-reflective practice in a safe, contained and confidential space to support healing and transformation. It offers an opportunity to look at one’s story and reflect on how the past has led to cyclical patterns that may no longer serve the person’s current reality and heart desires, whilst also providing a space to reflect on one’s current struggles and/or existential dilemmas.

Most of the therapy happens through talking but, whenever appropriate, we may also resort to other tools such as active imagination, dreamwork, visualisation and creative expression. Exploring one’s material creatively can support the access to parts of the self that have been disconnected from the conscious mind and help unlock the energy that sparks change.

Whether arising spontaneously or through therapeutic work, symbols and metaphors play an important role: they can bring clarity, deepen one’s understanding about themselves and offer inspiration towards the change one wants to see. It is not by chance that the Latin word imago, from which the word “image” originated, also describes the last stage of a butterfly’s metamorphosis. When the images of the unconscious emerge, they have matured enough to be recognised and integrated by the conscious mind.

The aim is to support increased awareness by working with what is known by the client while at the same time tapping into the realms of the unknown from where a more intimate relationship with one’s self develops and a deeper sense of meaning arises. The unknown is full of potential and clarity organically emerges from the therapeutic work. Reconnecting with hidden aspects of the self contributes to foster lasting change and restore a sense of ease and harmony. 

I offer a safe and contained space where you will have the chance to explore what has been concerning you. Together we will look at the issues that are causing you distress and work towards restoring balance so that you can reconnect with a greater sense of well-being. 

Psychotherapy sessions can be offered in English and Portuguese. 

Therapy offered

In person 

Client Groups


Fees and Payments

Individual therapy session:
£60 / 50 minutes
I have concessions available.
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